There are always discounts on some goods as some companies face a real problem relating to the lack of space, which requires disposal of the old stock and replace it with a new one. Or companies having tried a product which did not meet their expectations in terms of profits based on a study of feasibility.

The process of reducing prices of products stored since previous seasons is one of the most used methods by companies, as the company does not aim to achieve profits as much as it seeks to have space in the warehouse and stores. It is also considered an effective way to get rid of the stock of unsuccessful products; so stores take advantage of this period of discounts to promote all of their products because some customers only care about discounted products.

There are many factories and importers who sometimes want to have cash flow to be able to buy new stocks of products, which make discounts the best option for companies that offer periodic or seasonal products, because it allows them to get cash immediately.

Therefore, we offered this space for discounts which may reach up to 50% for some goods announced by some companies for the benefit of those, either customers or visitors of ZEGRIR website, interested in this kind of offers. So, make sure to take a look at the discounts page regularly. This is your opportunity as you may be lucky to make awesome deals.